About Us

About Central PHO


The Central PHO (Central Primary Health Organisation) is a not-for-profit charitable trust, that provides primary healthcare services to the MidCentral DHB population. Primary healthcare services are managed and delivered in the community through the PHO.


Our vision:

'Working together, towards healthy and flourishing communities'

 Our Strategic Aims (Our Strategic Plan):

  • Quality foundation for success
  • Co-design integrated care for priority populations
  • Improve access and equity
  • Activate smart systems
  • Partner with people, community and provider

Our Values:

  • Trust: Maintaining open and honest relationships
  • Respect: Embracing diversity, uniqueness and ideas
  • Unity: Valuing strengths and skills
  • Accountability: Working in a transparent and responsible manner
  • Courage: Participating with confidence and enjoyment

Our Key roles:

  • Develop Primary Healthcare capacity and capability in the MidCentral District
  • Support the delivery of high quality Primary Healthcare through our contracted General Practices
  • Work with local communities and enrolled populations
  • Identify and remove health inequities
  • Offer access to comprehensive services to improve, maintain and restore people’s health
  • Co-ordinate care across service areas
  • Continuously improve quality using good information