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Collaborative Clinical Pathways (CCP)

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One of the key deliverables within the Better, Sooner, More Convenient business case developed in 2010 was the development of collaborative clinical pathways. It was proposed that clinicians from across the continuum would work in partnership to develop collaborative clinical pathways and that this programme would primarily be initiated and driven within primary care with a view to addressing ambulatory-sensitive avoidable hospitalisations (ASH).

The Collaborative Clinical Pathways (CCP) programme has been in operation for over three years. The development, implementation, and refinement of collaborative clinical pathways is clinically led. This sees clinicians from primary and secondary care settings, pharmacists, allied health professionals, public health staff, radiology staff, as well as members of other sectors such as education forming collaborative working groups.

The Collaborative Clinical Pathways programme:

  • aims to identify opportunities to improve how health and disability care is planned and delivered within the district to improve patient access to a wider range of health services that are both closer to home and reduce avoidable hospital admissions
  • provides health professionals throughout the district with best practice, evidence-based clinical pathways that are available at the point of care
  • health professionals from primary and secondary care have worked collaboratively to develop clinical pathways that are clinically sound, current, and provide local information on service provision
  • incorporates specific guidance for health professionals caring for Māori and Pasifika patients

The Collaborative Clinical Pathways Team (CCP Team) supports the collaborative working groups by providing project management and technical support for the localisation of international pathways, and subsequent publication of these collaborative clinical pathways to Map of Medicine.

Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine was selected by MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) as the preferred pathway solution for use within the district following an active procurement process. Map of Medicine is a United Kingdom (UK)-based software company and is the preferred pathway solution for eight district health boards (DHBs) in New Zealand.

How to register for Map of Medicine

Map of Medicine is available free of charge to all health professionals working within the MidCentral DHB region. To register for Map of Medicine, contact: Please include the following information in your email request: title, first and last name, email address, job title, organisation name.

If you have forgotten your password, contact:

A user guide is available here which provides guidance on how to login, how to change your password, how to view and search for pathways, how to add pathways to your favourites list and much more.

How to access Map of Medicine

If you already have a username and password, you can access Map of Medicine in the following ways:

  1. Via Internet Explorer. Go to
  2. Via Medtech32 (version 20.7) if you work within primary health care. Use the ‘ConnectedCare’ tab. Select ‘Map of Medicine’ (if you use Internet Explorer 10 or older).
  3. Via the Clinical Portal (Concerto) if you work within secondary health care. Select ‘Map of Medicine’.
  4. Via MidCentral DHB Staff Intranet. Go to home page portal. Select ‘Map of Medicine’.
  5. Via Central PHO Staff Intranet. Go to ‘Quick Links’ on right-hand panel. Select ‘Map of Medicine’.

Need more Information?

For more information on the CCP programme, please contact the CCP Team by email: